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In the beginning, there was Eden & I truly believe we are on an accelerated timeline to getting back to Eden. Eden to Eden.


While this maturing of the bride is occurring in God's Kingdom on earth experiencing Eden is possible.

Our mission at The Eden House is to equip you with the tools, community, & resources to live a Christ centered life.


Eden House is both a Ministry & Business bringing the sacred into all aspects of life.

Malaine Lea Butler



Holy Spirit Fuelled Business Coach.

Founder of The Eden House.

Eden House Ministry-Inner Healing/Deliverance/Salvation from New Age.

Creator of The Aligned Living Movement.


She has been working with purpose driven entrepreneurs for the past 10 years whilst in the transformational field for 12 years.

She supports leaders & impacters by aligning their business & life with holy spirit to radically transform their reality and give them access to new ways of living.

With 10 years of master coaching and supporting hundreds of people, she is on a mission to create a community that supports everyone ready to Align & Thrive. 

Jalisa Hardy

Malaine has been a beacon of light and love in my life!

I am so grateful for her and the space she has provided for us to grow in our relationship with God, ourselves, and others. I grow and am challenged daily to keep growing from being around her and in her space!

The shift she has made in her life and her business is such and inspiration!

She is on fire for God and I love to see it! I told her that I’m riding until the wheels fall off and we fly because it's just that amazing to know her and have her in my life!

It's only up from here and I’m glad to be a part of this community to see it all unfold!

Jalisa Hardy

USA, Entrepreneur, Founder The Golden Child

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