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Meet The

Aligned Living Movement

This Is What They Say About Working With Malaine

Malaine broke every limiting belief that I had around money.

The result was a half a million dollar year, whereas in my past I never cleared $200k, but the extraordinary happened, like magic.

Malaine's Dating Abundantly course opened my heart up to a committed relationship with the man I wanted to be with for 2 years prior.

God and Money was my favorite course, elevating my spiritual awareness of money, and divine connection.

Finally, after 7 years of being stuck in a mentally and verbally abusive work situation with my boss, I quit my 9-5 job.

I went on a 3 week mission trip to Cambodia and finally started my lifelong passion project.

All of this happened because of the words that were imprinted in my mind through Malaine's work.

Not only is it practical, but it is a deeply spiritual connection and I feel her energy vibrations and realign my soul to what God/Source wants me to hear. 

Malaine I acknowledge you for the work you do and the changes you create in people all over the world.

Nicole Ruiz

Coach & Business Professional

Malaine changed my life forever.

She operates from this beautiful space of love and shows you how to navigate life and business in such an expansive way.

She has encouraged me and held space for my growth even when I didn’t believe in the changes for myself.

Her ability to help you navigate a space of being limitless within is an experience I recommend everyone dive into with her.

I have worked with Malaine in many ways and can say everything of hers is GOLD.

Just being in her energy will allow all this amazingness to flow through.

She’s up-leveled my whole life, my relationship with money, and changed my business forever.

I wouldn’t be who I am today or where I am today without her.

If you’re thinking about working with her just do it! It will be the best choice you ever made.

Kristie Wheeler

Business Alignment Coach

Dear Malaine

Before our session, I had read a lot about my Human Design, however, it was all in thread-like segments until you so masterfully brought all those threads together so I could see a complete story and my unique tapestry. 

It is incredible how much you covered in this mini-reading and how practical and helpful it has been for me.

I am now confident that I can live my design in a more integrated way.

Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, love, and knowledge in this very resonant reading.

Your radiant essence is a shining example of how living by design is so beautiful to witness. 

Deep Gratitude


Heal, Evolve, Shine

Janai Wakenell v.png

I was busy working in the corporate world for 15 years until I finally said enough is enough.

I reached out to Malaine and can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Everybody NEEDS to have a business alignment coach & wealth amplifier like Malaine in their life.

She's warm, friendly, magnetizing, bloody hilarious, results-oriented, and a great listener and mentor.

I'm so grateful for all of Malaine's support and help as I transitioned from corporate life to Entrepreneurship. Mindset shifts are necessary and Malaine is nothing but a PRO in this area of work.

Quite simply, Malaine is super AWESOME and she has changed my life.

Stop sitting on the fence and reach out to the best coach out there!

Janai Wakenell

Professional, NZ

Lauren Kester v.png

I worked with Malaine over the course of a year and my life has RADICALLY shifted because of my work with her. When I started working with Malaine I was moving through depression, dealing with my dog having cancer, and was unhappy with my health, home, and life.

Through working with Malaine I was able to move into a totally brand new and magnetic mindset, move to a new city that I love (Miami!), and feel grounded in myself and my trust in the universe.

Malaine helped me to see my superpowers as a Human Design Generator, and I am making faster decisions and following my intuition more than ever.

She has a true gift and I'm blessed to have worked with her. 

Lauren Kester

Astrologist & Boss Babe


I had a burning desire in my soul to create a business around my healing work.

A part of me always held this dream, and another part of me couldn't see how it would be possible.

With Malaine's support and coaching, we developed a plan that enabled me to take that leap and leave my corporate job! To make a dream like this come true has been one of the biggest achievements of my life!

Not only did Malaine support me in transitioning into my soul-aligned business, but she also taught me how to build wealth within it.

Donna Wallace

Donna Wallace

Fertility & Energy Healer, Melbourne

Working with Malaine has opened my eyes to what I can achieve in life and business!

She encouraged me to expand my vision beyond what I ever thought even possible while keeping my thoughts, WORDS, and actions in FULL alignment!

Michelle Dawnn

Clarity Coach

Malaine is a brilliant, courageous, and a true soul sister. 

I hired Malaine and I saw results instantly.

It took me a while though to truly digest, grasp, and incorporate what I learned...

I had to release what no longer served me but eventually, I did...

Malaine and her coaching team taught me so, so, so much! 

She taught me how to unlearn all the BS I believed to be true.

She taught me how to find my inner Goddess and stop apologizing.

She taught me daily rituals that changed my life.

Malaine is a brilliant, loving, passionate woman. I highly admire her and I am honored to know her. 

She is a forever soul sister!

I highly recommend her courses to anyone looking to invest in themselves and level up their life business and personal!

Linda Brand

Real Estate Agent & Coach

The transformative and lasting gift of healthy AND effective tools and techniques, mindset, and faith allows success for those who are invested in overall wealth.

Malaine has proven abundance is ours for the receiving; of mind, body, faith, happiness, and financial freedom.

As a wife and mother of three, who also supports two large organizations, and volunteers in areas of advocacy I can attest to all that I have shared.

From nearly tripling my income, to understanding my partnership and relationships with depth and perspective previously unknown; I have grown and better yet.. continue to.

Whether your first steps or are a lifelong seeker of balance and happiness, I assure you that the exercises and shifts we are all capable of will happen with Malaines coaching.

I am honored to have had the opportunity to do the work and see results.

Gratitude and abundance are yours for the receiving, you deserve to dive in deep with Malaine. 

With Love

Amy Z

Mother & Professional

Malaine supported me and created the space for me to go from 4-7k months to 20k plus months financially!

Sarah Mac

Creative Coach

Deciding to work with Malaine this past year is without a doubt the best thing I've ever done for myself.

In starting to work with her I stepped up to invest in my development and success from a whole new level and my results thus far have proven to be absolutely incredible.

More than anything Malaine has guided me in developing a deep sense of unconditional trust that the universe is supporting my every move and that I live in an abundant world in which I can create absolutely anything I set my mind to.

Malaine's guidance and encouragement have been quintessential elements in establishing my newfound freedom and expansiveness.

It's no coincidence that over the past year working together I've left my full-time agency job to create my own company, that I now make an abundant living doing fulfilling work that I absolutely love, that I attract incredible clients, that I travel frequently just like I always dreamed of, that I am moving into my very own apartment for the first time ever and most importantly that I carry myself with an undeniable grace and ease and trust that I am completely taken care of.

Malaine has a gift of being able to communicate profound spiritual concepts in a way that I can really hear, which in turn makes me super excited to integrate the concepts into my daily life.

I am forever grateful to her for her endless love and support - thank you for guiding me on this path of living life beyond my wildest dreams!

Sydney Campos

Owner of Make Only Magic LLC

My session with Malaine was quite literally mind-blowing, I was genuinely blown away by the detail and insights into my human design. Understanding my unique design type and how this best compliments how I operate in the world, has been a game changer for me.

I am now taking the steps to design my schedule completely around my human design, which now makes complete sense to me, as it feels so refreshing to have a deeper understanding of how my type naturally wants to operate to thrive.

Steph Stone

Direct Sales Marketer

Truthfully I have had Human Design readings in the past from others.

No one, not one person, can touch Malaine.

She is beyond her time & exceeds the rest.

Her wisdom, insight & unique way of delivering the goods is a game changer.

Mollie Hallo


Malaine is gifted. This reading changed my life. 

Literally, I have changed my life from the tools she gifted me & then it changed my life.

Sara Kelley


Oh my gosh journalling and affirmations are so different when you’re connected to your HD, feels so much more aligned.

All these small tweaks and changes to be aware of have been so beautiful to integrate these past few weeks, thank you love.

Jess Zalums

Direct Sales Marketer

The clarity and depth of understanding about myself that I have experienced have been phenomenal. 

How Malaine teaches brings a depth of understanding in a way that brings lasting change. 

I loved all my aha moments and have a deeper appreciation of who I am, how I thrive, what I have to bring to the world, and how in being my authentic balanced self I’m fully aligned and magnetic on every level.

Michelle V Femia

Direct Sales & Baby Whisperer

Thin Strips bckgr.png

Malaine is THE business alignment coach and wealth amplifier to work with.

If anyone asks who I recommend to help unleash your money and wealth-making power, it's HER!!!

Hanna Bier

Success Coach


Malaine is the kind of woman who, whether you've just come across her, or known her and been in her space for years as I have, first as a mentor and then as a friend, just causes you to STOP.


Because her message is so powerful, so true, so deeply resonant with the beat of your own heart, so EXACTLY what you know you need to be gently or not-so-gently guided by today?


Sure. Of course. ABSOLUTELY.


But it's more than that, so much more, and this is where Malaine shines as one of the few who is truly connected to something beyond her and who has made that 'every day'. The best way to say it is this. There is a God glow about this woman. Her words strike you in a way transcending logic. She IMPARTS something. It's not about her. It's about what she is sharing for you, what she is allowing to come through. If you get a chance to learn, to receive from this woman, do it, and do it eyes wide open. The energy will change your life. The words will wake you, shake you, make you laugh, make you cry, and ultimately? Remake you into you. 

Katrina Ruth

Entrepreneur, Author, Master Coach


I’ve known Malaine for a long time & during the last few years have been consistently amazed at the results that she gets for her clients.

Malaine has all of the qualities that make good coaches, PHENOMENAL.

She has integrity, strength & genuine skill.

I'm always recommending Malaine to my network.

Jesica Lorimer

Sales & Corporate Coach

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