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"And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches"

Philippians 4:19

In scripture, there is more on money than any other topic….


And yet so many fall prey to the enemy's schemes, particularly the Spirit of Mammon.


In God's Provision, you will learn the ingredients needed & required

to access true financial freedom.


This is not a course on…


Counterfeit practices

Occult tools that enslave you

Practices to idolise money


This course is about…


Allowing God & Lord Jesus's supernatural power into your money

Learning how to be a good steward of finances

Learning the key components to steward, save, reap, spend & more

Malaine Lea Butler
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Not much in life is guaranteed….


God's Provision is guaranteed.

God's supernatural overflow is guaranteed.


Harvest is guaranteed….


When you add certain ingredients to the recipe.


Just like a cake if you skip components you will always have the wrong result.


As someone who has made millions & was overwhelmed with debt.

As someone who has had nothing & desired everything.


The balance, flow & supernatural pouring only came when I fully surrendered.


Pray With Me...

"Dear Father God,

I pray for the growth and success of my business. 


Please guide me towards the right strategies and opportunities to expand my business and increase my financial prosperity.


Break off the veils of illusion & deception.


Support me in taking the aligned actions to support my financial breakthrough.”

Malaine has helped me see who I truly am through the eyes of God.

I have never known how to trust in myself and in divine guidance like Malaine has taught me.

What is unfolding in my life, not just my business is unprecedented - a blossoming marriage, full-body healing (from Graves’ disease - hyperthyroidism autoimmune condition), a turnaround in my mental health from crippling anxiety to inner peace and spiritual connection, commitment to my family and business when in the past I would have quit a long time ago.

Thank you for guiding and teaching me faith and trust in myself and our Father the Creator.

Terese Currey

Australia/ Entrepreneur/ Founder of The Regulated Leaders Movement

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  • Gods Provision

    Valid for one month

Once you've placed your purchase you will be able to access the online course and dive in on your own time.

If you need another pay plan please email us.

All modules are pre-recorded.

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