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Flower Arrangements


Referral partners can promote our memberships and courses and earn commission when people buy through referral!

For most offerings, the commission paid is 10%.

PLEASE NOTE: This affiliate program is for those who sincerely want to share Malaine's programs with others based on their personal experience with them. This is not a get rich quick, everything done for you, type of program.

We do NOT do a lot of hand holding for our affiliates nor do we provide copy, emails, posts, etc for you.

You are encouraged to share your words about your personal experience with Malaine's programs. When you are promoting our programs, you are welcome to use some verbiage from the sales page and from any promotional emails we send out. You may also use any publicly posted images for the programs found on our social media accounts or the program sales page.

All commissions are paid via Paypal so you must have a Paypal account to become an affiliate.

Your account must be in good standing with us to receive any commission payouts.

Flower Arrangements


Can I make commissions my full-time job?
You can design however you like.

We are not responsible for it being a job for you but you can create your life by design.

How do commission payouts work?
We will pay you via Paypal, on a monthly base on the 1st of every month.

Payment cycles are from the 1st to the 1st. No exceptions.

We pay out after the person you have referred, has paid for the services in full.

If the purchase was done via a payment plan you will receive your commission once the last payment has been processed.

Please be sure to include your correct PayPal email or link when applying.

What are the commissions?

We pay out 10 percent of each service, product, or course.

Payment occurs once the course, service, or product has been fully paid for.

Have more questions about our affiliate program? Feel free to contact support

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